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Wrestle “YOUR” Match… — Wrestling Performance Tips

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Wrestle “YOUR” Match… — Wrestling Performance Tips

You do know what that means right?  I’m guessing you may have heard that phrase or perhaps even said it yourself.

Over the years, I’ve discovered more and more kids have absolutely no clue what “wrestle your match” means and I’m going to tell you why!


If you’re looking to improve in the sport of wrestling, more is not always better. Such as more running, more moves, more live… etc. Before we go there, lets explain and define the advice of wrestling your match… my interpretation is simply put, wrestle in the positions you’re BEST at… on your feet, front headlocks, two on ones, on top, etc.

Stay focused only on the things you can control. Your moves, your reactions, your decisions.

These things are taught, practiced and discussed prior to giving such advice.

The problem is, our youth and in some cases our coaches aren’t patient enough to demand our athletes learn, practice, and perfect common movements in wrestling. We shouldn’t be teaching counters to leg rides in the first few weeks of practice before our kids have developed a strong stance, head / hands defense, head position, etc.

I remember coaching some high schooler’s a few years back that thought they were too good to focus on their stance or perfect common movements in the beginning of the season. #SillyStuff

It didn’t take much to prove them wrong.

What do you think Jordan Burroughs, Kyle Dake, Brent Metcalf or David Taylor works on?

I’m going to tell you!  Their best stuff… (and how to beat their opponents best stuff)

Sure they work on different reactions, positions, etc. but for the most part, they’re hitting the common moves, uncommonly well… all the time.  #Faster

Our country’s best all have a good stance that allows them to attack and counter from anywhere.  YOU DON’T.

Learning more moves will not help your stance.  Running more will not help your stance, wrestling more live in a crappy stance will not help. In most cases it does more damage then good.

How our country’s best (and you) gets beat could be explained as simply as: your opponent broke through your stance and wrestled his match. Whether he made you tired first or the fact that your stance needs work.

In order for you to wrestle your match, you need to build a strong base that can defend and attack. Until then, you’ll always be guessing on how you’re ever going to get to wrestle your match… #makeithappen.



Get back to the #Basics … you’ll win more matches!


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