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Steal This Strength Training Secret- CrossFit Massillon

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Steal This Strength Training Secret- CrossFit Massillon

In the sport of wrestling, one of the best tips one can give is…

Don’t get out of shape…

It’s now August, school is starting for most which means we’re just about 12 weeks away from the start of the 2015-16 season.

What have you been doing all spring and summer? Have you been wrestling once or twice a week? Training 3-5x per week? Participating in other sports? Relaxing?

Regardless of what you’ve done or haven’t, you still have time to seriously make a difference in how you perform this winter. If you’re participating in another sport, the best advice would be to focus on that. If you’re not however, now is the perfect time to start training with a purpose. Developing better skills, strengthening your weaknesses and figuring out a good nutritional base that will have you primed for the start of the season. Don’t wait until October if your plan is to go down a weight class or two or even up a weight class. You should’ve learned by now from previous experiences or that of others, it’s not smart to do and it usually doesn’t end well.

When it comes to training, there are ways to “look like you’re doing something” and then there is training that collects measurable data. Proof that what you’re doing is working. You know you’re getting stronger and faster. You know your cardio and stamina is improving. You can demonstrate better balance and coordination. You can see you’re more flexible. You can prove you’re more powerful. Your body fat is dropping. Yet you’re eating 3-4x and drinking water all day.

The bottom line, not all training is the same.

Not all coaches are the same when it comes to using a barbell or pull up bar. Most coaches for that matter still feel running long distances is actually helping you at wrestling? Some even feel that training with weights during the season isn’t a good idea. Yet, the same coach thinks 3 hour practices complete with a 5 mile run, 5+ hours AFTER you ate your last meal is how training is supposed to be done. Odds are you’re not eating right, sleeping right or even training right during the season. Couple that with workouts that toast hard earned muscle isn’t the best prescription if your goal is to be a State Champion, let alone fight off the common cold in 2-3 days.

Knowing this, getting stronger now might be the only chance you get unless your coach is all about giving you the best opportunities to dominate your competition come March.

Considering we’re about 12 weeks away from the start of the season, that means we’re about 16 weeks away from your first official team competition. For the serious athlete with the right coaching can easily get stronger in 6-8 weeks. Followed up by a 6-8 week program that focuses on cardio, stamina, agility and accuracy while utilizing your hard earned muscle.

That being said, there are several proven ways that improve strength. If you’re familiar with a barbell, the top movements you should be doing is squatting, deadlifting and pressing. All of which are technical and require the right mechanics if you prefer to stay injury free. Two extremely technical skills that are equally important are the clean and snatch.

From my experiences, all 5 of these movements are best learned by a qualified coach. Someone weightlifting certified. A coach that isn’t going to let you skip progressions or ask you to “try” deadlifting 315# because you were next in line. A qualified coach will know exactly what percentages and reps you should be using for building strength.

You don’t have time to be guessing at this point, let alone hurting yourself.

In the meantime, here’s what you can do if you don’t have access to a barbell or a qualified coach. Of course using resistance is the fastest way to pack on muscle and improve 9 other skills at the same time, however you can improve your strength along with other skills just by using your body weight alone.

The secret… Progressive Overload!

Progressive overload is among the most basic principles in weight training and unfortunately among those that are usually misunderstood by both the beginning trainee and the trainer/coach.

Progressive Overload starts with whatever you can do with PERFECT TECHNICAL FORM. 

Change the intensity level but never sacrifice form. By simply adding a rep or two more, resting for less time or adding another round is all it takes. There are several other ways to mix things up such as using drop sets, triple drop sets, negatives, etc… yet for now, give this a try.

Below is a 2 Week Bodyweight Program designed for you to progress over 14 days. All you have to do is download it, then get to work. No guessing or equipment necessary. All you need is a watch, cell phone or something that can track your times in addition to a good attitude.



*The above report is a downloadable digital copy delivered in a zip/pdf file. You do not have to wait for or pay for any shipping fees. Your 2 Week Bodyweight Shredders Program will be delivered instantly to your laptop, ipad, phone or pc.



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