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My Top 3 Wrestling Tips YOU’RE NOT DOING: Elite Wrestling Tips Massillon, OH

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My Top 3 Wrestling Tips YOU’RE NOT DOING: Elite Wrestling Tips Massillon, OH

With all the action going on, I’m sure you’ve seen some pretty good wrestling in the first few weeks of the season. At this point, you may or may not know what you’re going to need to do in order to get better and further prepare for the Post-Season Tournaments.

Let alone those infamous “re-matches” !!!

If you haven’t ever noticed, as soon as Christmas hits, the season FLIES BY and before you know it, IT’S SHOWTIME or disappointments.

Remember the Sectionals, Districts, State LAST YEAR? Do you remember how you prepared? Where your focus was at?

If you didn’t do as well as you wanted, let’s not REPEAT anything from above 😉

Preparation is the key to success in everything we do. Wrestling included.


My Top 3 Tips moving forward!!!!

1.) Eat BETTER STRONGER FOODS.. Carbs: Oatmeal, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Yogurt, etc. Proteins: Chicken, Turkey, Steak, Lean Ground Beef, Fish, etc. FATS: Almonds, Peanuts, Trail Mix, Cottage Cheese, etc. PARENTS TOO.. KIDS LIKE TO COPY !!!

POST WEIGH IN GOODIES: pbj, chicken soup, vege’s, fruit, WATER.

NO REDBULL, ROCKSTAR. Parents, keep and eye on junior, DON’T LET HIM DRINK THAT STUFF.

2.) Conditioning, Conditioning, Conditioning.. do extra drilling, more sprinting, less jogging (no more than 2 miles), start wrestling LONGER matches.. youth guys work up to 6 minutes, Middle School 10 minutes, High School 10 minutes. Go hard, get tired and train tired. GET USED TO IT.

You’ll want to do these GRIND MATCHES at least once a week for the next 4-6 weeks.. TRUST ME they work. A good Monday/Tuesday Practice: Drill for 20 minutes.. use 20 second goes, 10 seconds rest. Go 8 rounds each of Singles, Doubles, Standups. Then cut’m lose with two or three 10 minute matches with 2 minutes rest in between.. You’ll be done in less than 60 minutes total..

Plenty of time left to get some extra endurance work in (pushups, situps, pullups, squats, resistance training) or practice turns on top or finishes (WHILE YOU’RE TIRED)

3.) Focus on your PRE-MATCH WARM UP and pre-match strategies.. if you’re in shape, you should warm up hard enough to sweat A LOT. Actually GET TIRED. I’m sure you’ve seen “LITTLE JOHNNY” wrestle a below average FIRST MATCH, then go lights out the rest of the way.. That’s usually a sign of not being warmed up.. Get that first AVERAGE MATCH done and over with by warming up hard and staying lose and FOCUSED. Visualize the first shot, the first score, and especially YOUR HAND GETTING RAISED…

You’ve heard the old cliche’ YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT… well….?


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Even though I’ll take care of ya if you don’t 😉


Best of luck to you the rest of the season!!



— TR

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