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In-Season Coaching Tips –

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In-Season Coaching Tips –

The 2016-17 Season is underway… Scrimmages are done, Meet the Team is complete, it’s go time. Matches and Tournaments on approaching fast.  One important factor that should be judged and reviewed is how well your pre-season training was designed.

Are your kids healthy or injured? Did they certify at the right weight? How many kids quit?

There are plenty of  factors you can look at as a coach and clearly see if you need to do something different NEXT YEAR to improve the strength of your team… Let me guess, you don’t evaluate your pre-season practice schedule? Still winging it are ya?

What about your “in-season” training schedule, do you have a weekly plan in place?

If you’re running you kids five miles a day at the same speed and think they’re getting a lot out of that, you’re fooling yourself.

  • Why do “Elizabeth or Grace” after a Tuesday practice without timing it?

  • Why run “any distance” after or before practice without timing it?

Simply doing “miscellaneous” workouts day to day is certainly better than doing nothing, but how do you know if what you’re doing is working? Are your kids getting in better shape?

What is the goal, the plan, the end result?

If you’re not trying to improve at everything, what’s the point…?


Most High School Coaches can’t answer the question… “how do you know if what you’re doing is working…?”

Yet, you can go to any dual match or tournament in the middle of January and witness wrestlers that are gassed before the end of the first period… After just 2 min. worth of work! How does this happen after pre-season training, 5-6 practices per week, hours of live wrestling, running, sprinting, calisthenics, maybe some heavy lifting (more on this later)…

I can tell you how this happens.

The coaches/athletes aren’t doing something right?
Whether it’s training, nutrition, recovery… Something isn’t being done right.. PERIOD.

Back to the heavy lifting… You see, most HS coaches think it’s smart to “MAINTAIN” during the season therefor visiting the weight room is off limits…

Don’t let me ask the question, “What in the heck are you trying to maintain…?  You never built anything up!!!

3-4 weeks of “pre-season” miscellaneous workouts didn’t do much of anything but create injuries or at the very least made you sweat a little bit.

Add in the fact that over half the team has no idea how or what to eat and drink throughout the week, after weigh-ins, etc.


They have no idea how to properly reduce their body composition without LOSING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MUSCLE (aka cutting weight…)

So again, no weight training during the season makes absolutely NO SENSE what so ever. Unless, “that’s the way you’ve always done things…”

Think of this logic… You’ll be looked at like a genius if you follow this advice.

If all coaches feel that weight training during the season for STRENGTH GAINS isn’t important… Instead, maintaining is what “they’ve always done”…

Well, while all those OTHER coaches allow their wrestlers to get weaker during the season, perhaps you can create a decisive advantage OVER them by training your kids to actually GET STRONGER during the season and actually prepare them for the freakin’ POST SEASON… while your competition is getting weaker… #puregenius

Learn what, when and how much each wrestler should be eating and drinking… If that’s too much to ask, seek out someone that teaches that sort of thing. #DropYourEgo

If you think copying “CrossFit WODS” off Facebook and Pinterest is the perfect pre-season, in-season training plan, better yet, following the “Hawkeyes” weightlifting / practice program and expecting high level performance from your wrestlers, that is very foolish on so many levels.

Lose your ego and reach out to someone that knows how to program training that actually has proven results and creates measurable data.  If this coach can come to your facility and work with your team, that would be the best bet.


Buying a “cookie-cutter” program you seen on your facebook page may not be the best thing money can buy. When it comes to helping your kids, be smart. You have to know your kids aren’t doing a lot of basic things when it comes to maximizing their performance. They’re not all sleeping enough, eating enough, not to mention losing weight the right way. If you take the title “COACH” seriously, then you should do everything in your power to prepare them to reach their potential and keep them safe. Even it is comes down to you requesting help in areas you don’t know much about. Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, etc.

Smart coaches also have coaches!  #truth

Need help, feel free to call (330) 737-1799


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