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Roehlig Wrestling, LLC is a dedicated organization created to develop, teach, inspire, motivate and train young wrestlers.  Under the guidance of Thomas Roehlig and his staff, training is available all year round through various Camps and Competition Team’s that are designed to help young wrestlers learn and develop the skills needed to overcome all the challenges our sport offers.

Our Seasonal Camps provide a variety of specialized training.  We offer premier overnight and commuter camps that are complete with intense training, high percentage technique, strength training and unique conditioning drills.

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Our Competition Team starts training in March (post-season) and continue until May. We also provide a Fall Competition Team that starts back up in September (pre-season) that continues until November.

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“Over the course of 20 years, I  consider myself privileged to learn from and observe the teachings of Olympic Silver Medalist Russ Hellickson, Olympian Bobby Douglas, Olympian Ken Chertow, World Silver Medalist Ivan Ivanov, and Two Time NCAA Champion Jim Jordan.  By doing so, I not only developed a system of teaching and training that produces very fast results, I perfected it.”  — T. Roehlig


All American – 1990 University Nationals: 3rd Place Freestyle.
N.W.C.A. National Team Member in 1990.

Tour De Monde Team Member in 1990.
Massillon Washington HS-  State Place Winner in 1989
Member of Ken Chertow’s SUPER GOLD Medal Camp Staff
Member of J Robinson’s Intensive Camp Staff
Member of Bobby Douglas’s Wrestling Development Team
TOP GUN “HALL OF FAME Inducted in 2012


Certified in CPR / First Aid / Care and Prevention of Injuries
Certified in Strength and Conditioning
TS Certified


Roehlig Wrestling, LLC offers not only high percentage technique and one on one training, but also great competition among its members.  Each member will have the opportunity to workout with some of the best wrestlers Ohio has to offer.


Plus learn how to train for optimal performance, learn how to fuel your body with the right nutrition as well as develop mat strategies that are a must for “Big Matches!”

Total Package =  Wrestling, Technique, Drilling, Strength Training, Nutrition, and Sports Science all delivered in one Location. 







Wow! what can I say. You said this would happen and it did.  It seems like yesterday that we first got together and you started  to train Thomas. This day would not have been possible without the training and confidence that you provided Thomas over the years.

Words can not express my heart felt thanks.

Bob Straughn 




“I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me….I was just bored and figured i’d search some stuff on the internet and your site popped up. I can’t believe that bleach white hair lol. It looks like that little team you started a few years back with myself and thomas continues to grow and it sounds like everyone is doing well…to everyone on the team, i’m sure you already know but tommy knows what he’s talking about…he’s one of the best coaches around and he’s competed on the elite level, so listen to everything he has to say…keep up the good work. Hope the family is doing well, keep in touch ……….. yeah, i watched some of the old OSU highlight films with Russ and saw you in them, he didn’t know that u coached me back in the day haha”.

All my best,

Jason Johnstone
2x Ohio State Champion
Ohio State Wrestling




The readers have spoken!

Taken from the Star Beacon…

Sports Editor Don McCormack’s Mailbag…

The overall enrollment was not as large as we had hoped, at 45 wrestlers, but the kids who did participate received outstanding instruction from coach Tom Roehlig ( an Ohio State standout, who trained under Coach Chertow, while Ken was coaching at OSU), Ian Aessal (Ken’s camp director, and outstanding competitor and coach at the high school and collegiate level), as well as Ken himself, a three-time All-American at Penn State, 1988 Olympic team member, college coach, three-time academic All-American… the list goes on and on.

Thanks, Coach Roehlig, Ken Chertow and Ian Aessal for putting on such a great training camp.

Iain Gilchrist & Coach Tom Avsec- Jefferson Wrestling




“We had our first practice since your clinic Tuesday night, and have received nothing less than rave reviews.  It was exciting to hear the boys explain what their big “take away” from the clinic was. The most commonly asked question: When can we do this again?

Again it was a great learning atmosphere for not only our wrestler’s also our coaching staff, Great stuff.”

Brian Newton
Head Wrestling Coach
Perrysburg Wrestling Club




“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say “thanks” for everything you did for my youth and middle school wrestlers this past season.  When I called to ask your advice on a few things I never thought it would have evolved into what it did.  Not only were you prompt and courteous in answering all my questions but you also gave yourself unselfishly to my wrestlers.  It was really great to see the impact you had on them throughout the season.  The way you broke the technique down to the different skill levels you were subjected to was incredible.  We were definitely a better team because of your involvement.  Also, I heard nothing but praises about you from the parent’s of my wrestlers.  All season I heard one compliment after another about your interaction with the kids.  You are definitely a valuable asset and I would highly recommend you to any program looking to get better.”

Thanks again,

Chris Minick
Lake Wrestling





“Just wanted to let you know that Nicky really enjoyed his camp experience.  He seemed to have gotten a lot out of it also. Techniques that he really needs to master to beat the better wrestlers you went over… Throwing in the legs, the power half, the guillotine, turks, arm bars, etc…

Outside of a simple arm bar, absolutely NONE of that good solid technique has been shown or drilled in Nicky’s wrestling club… and here you are drilling boys as young as six in your room! If Nicky had of been introduced to these concepts and drilling them repeatedly during the last three years I’m sure he would have been utilizing them by

Nicky is looking forward to coming to your camps in the future. Seeing how much he gained after one weekend is exciting to both of us. You obviously have a true passion for the best sport in the world and a sincere desire in developing top level wrestlers. It’s also obvious that the boys like you!”

Thanks for everything,

Nick Kiussis




Hi Coach Roehlig,

“I just wanted to take a second and say Thank You.  My son Devin Schroder was at your Halloween Weekend Camp and had a great time.  Not only was the technique, and training intense, he had a ton of fun.  The first thing he said to me was, “can I go to another camp there?”

So again thanks, and keep it up!

Yours in wrestling,

B.J. Schroder
Northview Wrestling Varsity Coach
Grand Rapids, MI




Hi Coach Roehlig,

“I just wanted to tell you Thanks again for working with Joe.  He was impressed with your camp and thought he learned some very valuable  technique. He has always liked Coach Marinelli and he really enjoyed meeting and working with you too.  I’m sure you will see him in the future.”

Thanks for  everything.
Myke Grandominico




“Just wanted to send a thank you for the improvement that you helped my son realize. We did a private lesson with you, about a month ago. At the time, Michael was really struggling from the top position and was definitely in need of a tune up. Unfortunately a week after his lessons, he cracked two ribs and missed a week and a half of wrestling, including The PAC-7 tournament.

Since his return he has been lights out. Last weekend, at the district tournament, he wrestled better than he has all year. He was un-scored upon through the entire tournament until his last match, where he beat #@#@#
5-2 (avenging a loss from earlier in the year and the only 2 points he gave up all weekend).

The difference in his confidence from the top position was certainly noticeable as he scored again and again from top using the techniques that you taught him….He has now realized his goal to be a State Qualifier as a freshman !!!! Thank YOU.

We are certainly planning to continue with you once the State Tournament in complete (and He is healthy).

If you find yourself in Columbus this weekend, find us and we’d love to thank you in person.”

Thanks Again !

–Chris Ratay



Coach Roehlig,

“I would just like to say Thank You for taking time and having informational camps for young wrestlers like me to learn and improve.  Thank you for teaching me many attacks that I could use from my feet, this wasn’t a strong point in my wrestling.  I plan to attend more of your camps throughout this summer and others.”

Thanks Again,   

Jeff Sr. & and Jeff Jr. Miller




“Thanks for helping me train for the World Team Trials.
I was in the best shape of my life and had tons of confidence.”

Lauren Louive
5th Place



Coach,“Thanks for working with us.  I still feel it in my legs a little.
The thing that got me the worst was my core. For me, traditional lifting gets really boring. I really liked the exercises you showed and how you can really switch it up from set to set or rep to rep. That kept it very interesting and very challenging.”

Thanks again,

Jerry Pasquale
Boardman Wrestling




Coach,“Loved your training!  I’m still sore from it and its been 3 days, but I feel so much better and learned a lot! Definitely my new way of training, no doubt!”

Thanks alot,

Ricky Zupko
Boardman Wrestling