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Go Big All Season Long- Performance

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Go Big All Season Long- Performance

The 2016 Season is upon us. Certification/Hydration testing is complete. Live action is just a weekend away.

Are you ready?

When it comes to the first match, first tournament, first handshake, three things are for certain.

1. You’re going to be nervous.
Get used to it. You’re supposed to be nervous. Being nervous should mean you’re prepared. Your adrenal glands are working just fine. Embrace it and figure out a way to use it to your advantage.

2. Your hand raised gets raised after the match.
This is going to happen only if you’re prepared. If you trained hard and earned it. You had a plan and it worked. Nothing’s better than successfully executing your plan of attacks.

3. You didn’t get your hand raised.
The reason why, well there could be many, lets just say you weren’t prepared. Simple as that.

What to do next?

If your plans are winning the state tournament, going undefeated or simply making it to districts, what you do from here on out will determine how close you come to your goal(s).

You do have goals right?

One key element that makes or breaks the biggest matches is a skill many coaches and wrestlers don’t quite understand. When I say “biggest matches”, I’m referring to evenly matched up talent going head to head. Often seen during the Ironman quarterfinal matches, Ironman Semi’s, District Semis, State Quarterfinals, etc… We could even throw in “re-matches” in some cases.

The skill… “Cardiovascular Endurance.” If you KNOW for a fact you’re not going to get tired, you will compete different. Even against top-level competition. Your daily training should focus on getting in better cardiovascular shape. Being able to prevent overtime by finishing a takedown or escaping on bottom. Being able to attack in overtime and finish the match. Going big. Pushing the pace, attacking, defending with everything you got and still keep moving comes from being in better wrestling shape than your opponent. Having superior cardio helps bigtime with your confidence. Certainly having experience and technique wins a lot of matches. Which is what makes our sport the hardest to prepare for not to mention the hardest to excel at being any level, youth, high school, international…

Yet, I can ask any athlete,

If you know for a fact you’re not going to get tired, would you compete different…?

… and the answer undoubtedly will be YES everytime.

The key to getting in great shape is by never getting too far out of shape… but we know most don’t train all year round especially focusing on the skill of improving their cardio.

>>> See: Rx Cardio For Wrestling

Timing is important in our sport being our season is 5 months long. Starting in November and ending in March, we don’t need to be in tip top shape in December, we just need to be in better shape than our oppenents.


While improving your technique through countless repetitions, the speed and intensity you use could dramatically improve your cardio endurance while drilling. Drill with a purpose. Don’t just go through the motions. Drill to get in better shape. Drill to outwork your opponents. Drill to improve your foot speed. Drill to improve your timing. Drill to improve your weaknesses and strength’s. You could mix in long, live matches “for time” such as 10 min goes. Putting in some extra “solo” sprints like 200m, 400m, even 1 mile as fast as possible will help boost your endurance bigtime. Add in some quality strength work using the training formats mentioned above, you can go big in any match knowing you can outwork whoever steps on the red or green line.

At the end of the day…





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