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CrossFit + Wrestling = MORE WINS

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CrossFit + Wrestling = MORE WINS

A major component of competitive success deals with controlling fear. In wrestling, fear of failure, fear of looking bad, and fear of not meeting expectations all inhibit how a wrestler performs. Fear is a negative emotion that can be controlled (or eliminated) if identified and dealt with head-on.

Remember, when you are in your “ideal competitive state” you have feelings of energy, fun, confidence, courage, strength, relaxation and fearlessness.

Your “ideal competitive state” is the state of being — physically, mentally and emotionally — which allows you to perform to the best of your abilities. It is a state of being when you feel your best and enjoy the battle. It is the state of being that all successful athletes should practice getting to upon command. Learning to control fear will help you reach your “Ideal Competitive State.”

One fear that is often overlooked is the fear of getting tired. When you’re in your ideal competitive state, otherwise known as the “ZONE”, you’re in complete control of your cardio-vascular endurance. You’re not worrying about getting tired. You control the pace.

Did you know there is a training method that can improve this sort of experience? Improve it faster and with sniper-like accuracy?

Imagine if you were able to push yourself to your physical and mental limits, then operate decisively and confidently while in that exhaustion zone. This is what all the great wrestlers excel at.

While most wrestlers look past basic technique, the best, perfect “the basics” and train their body to outwork their opponents. Sure having a nice toolbox full of “crowd pleasing throws” are beneficial but think about when most of them are used. When your tired and losing?

As mentioned in a previous article, most matches are won before you even shake hands. Often times the wrestler who wins was better prepared that day. It gets more difficult when you have two wrestlers that are evenly matched. This could happen from re-matches, “go to state” matches, semi’s, etc. More strategies come into play and it’s a matter of staying in good position, using high percentage setups and shots. All while fighting in and out of positions.

I’ll reference this years Big 10 Match against Jason Nolf from Penn State and Isaiah Martinez from Illinois. Nolf a redshirt freshman, Martinez, the returning NCAA Champ. The cliff notes version of this match is Nolf outworked Martinez.  He made him tired and pinned him. Simple as that. Now, I can’t speak for any wrestlers in Martinez’s weight class but last year when he won the Big 10’s and NCAA’s, he was known for having a big engine. Very strong and can push a fast pace. Just by watching him compete it was obvious he was very good at wearing his opponents down and having his way with them. Nolf was able to do that to him. Now, both athletes are very talented, Martinez has since won the rematch in the Big 10 Finals in OT. If all goes right, they should meet in the NCAA Finals next weekend.

The point being, preparation and conditioning will play a major role in the outcome. Who’s going to get tired first? Who can wrestle the best when they are tired?  It’s not going to come down to who knows the most moves, I can promise you that.

One might wonder, is there a secret method of training that Coach Cael Sanderson is using that their opponents don’t even know exists? Perhaps…

After the Big 10’s, it looks like Coach Sanderson is on top of his game once again, Penn State is looking to dominate the NCAA’s like they did just a couple years ago… It’s no surprise to me that when you combine the most effective method of training imaginable (otherwise known as CrossFit) with the sport of wrestling, that you eventually produce more wins.


As much as I wanted to see the Buckeye’s repeat, I didn’t think any team out there would be able to keep the Nittany Lions from winning it all for the 5th time in 6 years.

*Note the article above was posted in 2010.

>>> Since 2010, Penn State won the NCAA Title in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014… and now 2016.




No matter how many moves you know, if you get tired and can’t stay in good position, you’re going to lose. During this off-season, you might want to look into other areas of training. Training that improves your work capacity. Training that improves not only your speed, strength and power but also your cardio, stamina, agility, accuracy, balance, coordination and flexibility. Combined with high percentage wrestling technique, you’ll not only eliminate the fear of getting tired, you’ll win more matches…. GUARANTEED!




If you’re serious about your training and want to be the very best you can be…
In order to do so, you need to learn from and train like the best.

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